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Over the 40 years The Moreno has been travelling to search high quality gemstone mines and rare minerals in all over the world.

And after long experience dealing with stones.we are known today as high standard quality of gemstone and unique rare rough minerals

.also provide very special gem stone to jewelry makers or jewelry industry in world wide range.
We feature also specialize creating unique jewellery. Our enchanting jewelry collections are transformed into incredible piece of art by ingenious and skillfull artisans.
It is our great wish to make every woman’s desires and imaginations come true; we handpick each gemstone at the mine and final setting to a specially designed with lots of care and attentions.
Over the years we tracked the stones of best quality and the time has come to enjoy them. We provide six main categories to our collection:
1 Luxurious Jewellery – gold and silver combined with precious stones.
2 Gold Jewellery – delicate designed gold jewellery combined with precious stones and diamonds.
3 Kabbalah and Jewish Jewellery – jewellery integrated with verses and symbols of the Jewish tradition.
4 rare or rough gemstone jewellery- rare and rough gemstonestones jewelry.
5 designer collection-exotic and unique design inspired from all over the world.
Special design with gold and silver.
6handcraft gemstone necklace-eleant and beauty natural gemstone beads necklace









authentic and Special collection of Handmade gold and silver jewelry , kabbalah jewelry ,talismans and healing jewelry